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Spreading Awareness on the Importance of Technology Vision

An event organized by Artificial Intelligence, Mumbai community brings thought leaders and experts together.

Mumbai, 22nd May, 2016:

Artificial Intelligence Mumbai hosted an event Sunday Morning with Technology Vision 2035 at Nehru Planetarium, Worli. It was very well attended with more than a 100 people showing up even though it was a Sunday. The hosts and co-sponsors were Artificial Intelligence Mumbai, Book Exchange Club, Mumbai, BlueNest Ventures, TechXpla and SmartifyHealth. The founders introduced themselves and their work to the audience.

One of the two main sessions of the day, the ‘Introduction to Technology Vision 2035’ lecture was delivered by Devesh Rajadhyax, Founder of Cere Labs. He explained that the TV2035 document is very important for students, business people, professionals, and academicians. He started with a crisp introduction to Vision 2020 that left no doubts in the mind of the audience the actual need and importance of the document in discussion. The document, which required the contributions of 5000 experts, and 20000 people with domain specialization. It took 4 years of teamwork to put together the prescription for India’s future, he explained. He took up some of the topics such as connectivity, and energy generation, and discussed these to explain the role of the document. Education, and healthcare facilities are crucial to the realization of the bold vision, and he reminded the audience that it was the responsibility of every capable citizen to work towards these goals. The audience was very enthusiastic the whole time, and after the event, Devesh was seen explaining even further about the Technology Vision 2035 to people who wanted to know more.

The event resumed with the introduction of panel members who would discuss, ‘How critical is technology to our future?’ The panelists included Ajit Joshi, Founder, TechXpla; Dr. Ajit Bhobe Deputy Director Research NMIM;, Mr. Aditya Phatak, Senior Researcher at Gateway House and Ms. Bela Shah, WNS Global Services Pvt. Ltd. as a specialist in technology strategy to drive IT-enabled business transformation. Devesh was the moderator for the discussion that was truly exciting The panelists also took questions from the audience members, who were curious about the implications of technology on people, and even about Ayurveda, and more. One of the strong unanimous points made at the table, was that the goal of such dedicated research and sacrifice by some of the best minds in the world is to deliver positive changes to people, rather than the betterment of technology itself.

Ajit Joshi started with explaining how ICT technology is positively affecting the life of the common man, and what the future looks like. Dr. Ajit Bhobe was concerned about the health issues in the rural areas. He spoke about the need for stronger biotechnology research in India, and also about the indiscriminate use of antibiotics in India. Aditya V Phatak, emphasized the importance of creating an ecosystem such that indigenous development of technology will be encouraged.

Ms. Bela Shah, Sr. Group Manager, WNS Global explained how the technology providers in India are now shifting their focus from the developed nations as a market to the developing nations. She explained, how developed nations as a market are now saturated and that the real play lies in the developing nations including India being one of the biggest markets. She also stressed the importance of change in the mindset required on part of the Indian clients to consider technology not as a mere support function but a must have or a hygiene factor for their businesses.

Everything from the study of Bioluminescence to e-swastya was discussed in terms of real world impact.

Dr. A P Jayaraman, presented his lecture on the role of ‘Water’ in our vision of the future. Coming at the time of one of the worst water crises that India has faced in years, he explained briefly the process of desalination and the steps it involves. He told the audience present that for achieving the vision of 2035, we must get started right away. He especially reminded the younger generation of what is at stake, and why they cannot afford to wait any longer to make an impact.

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“I’d like to congratulate the entire team at AIM, Mumbai and express my gratitude for having me at their ‘Sunday Morning with TV2035’ event. Events like these will be instrumental to understand the role of technology in crafting the India that serves the larger prerogatives of inclusive growth, sustainable development and unbiased empowerment. The need of the hour is to bring in a paradigm shift in our outlook towards technology so it gets ingrained into the lives of the masses rather than being a privilege available to a sectional few. AIM, Mumbai is spearheading efforts in this direction by bringing together reflective minds from different walks of life to exchange ideas and endorse technology as the most critical enabler in realizing the country that Hon. Former President Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam dreamt of!

”Bela Shah (Sr. Group manager, Technology Strategy & Transformation, WNS Global Services


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