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A World of Chatbots

We have already started living in a world of science fiction. The fear of machines taking over humanity is reinforced by eminent intellectuals including Stephen Hawking. Glimpses of machines outsmarting humans is reflected by real world scenarios such as AlfaGo winning against the world champion of Go, Watson winning the Jeopardy competition, presence of autonomous cars driving successfully on roads, virtual assistants like Siri and Cortana, and many more.

Although the Artificial General Intelligence, where an AI (Artificial Intelligence) is able to perform all the tasks a human is able to do, looks possible in the near future, AI (ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE) as of today is only able to solve problems one at a time.

Even though the AI (Artificial Intelligence) scene looks complicated, actually it is much simple, and today the tools to create AI (Artificial Intelligence) is in the hands of everyone, and not just a bunch of big organizations like Microsoft or Google. Anyone with a simple laptop can create their own AI (Artificial Intelligence) to solve the problem of their choice.

The major challenge for AI (Artificial Intelligence) experts to cater to is create question answering systems. Chatbots such as Cortana will use this technology to give us a feeling that we are talking to a human. The ultimate test of such a bot will be to pass the Turing Test, which is the final frontier to prove that it has reached human intelligence.

Over a period of time Chatbots or conversational agents have matured enough to understand intent and context of the conversation. The Chatbots will also use the Information Extraction technologies to extract information provided in the documents.

Below is a list of chatbot platforms using which you can train a chatbot of your choice.
Acquired by Facebook, Wit.AI (Artificial Intelligence) makes the creation of Chatbots easy. Initially built as an intent recognition engine, it now offers creation of Chatbots that uses concepts of stories, action and inbox. The Chatbots created using will be able to understand the intent and thus able to answer questions efficiently. You can deploy your Chatbot created using on Facebook or your website.

Make your own bot using You can read about how it works at

Microsoft Bot Framework
Using Microsoft Bot Framework you will be able to create intelligent bots to help them converse naturally. You can use Microsoft Cognitive Services to make your bot understand natural language like human does, and thus make it intelligent. You can integrate your bot in your app or skype.

Check the framework at

Watson Conservation Service
Conversation helps you to create bots or virtual agents to automate interactions with end users. It uses a set of cognitive APIs provided by IBM Watson to help you make the bot intelligent. You can then integrate the bot with your website, app or your favorite messaging platform.

Explore the possibilities with Watson at


Honda, SoftBank begin joint AI research for ‘emotion’ cars:
Cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technology is essential for self-driving vehicles. Major automakers have been accelerating tie-ups with companies in other sectors to implement greater use of AI in vehicles that could one day offer advice on what to wear and even cheer up someone with a broken heart.
New brain map used AI technology to identify nearly 100 new regions of the human mind:
IN WHAT many researchers are hailing as a spectacular leap forward in neuroscience, an extensive new map of the brain has been published by scientists giving unprecedented insight into the makeup of the mysterious organ.
What is Artificial Intelligence? Get more intelligent!:
Artificial intelligence has taken the world by storm. There is a race to produce machines that can match or even outsmart the human mind. One such branch is robotics. A revolution of the internet sort is brewing in the labs of researchers.

“With the increasingly important role of intelligent machines in all phases of our lives--military, medical, economic and financial, political--it is odd to keep reading articles with titles such as Whatever Happened to Artificial Intelligence? This is a phenomenon that Turing had predicted: that machine intelligence would become so pervasive, so comfortable, and so well integrated into our information-based economy that people would fail even to notice it.”

― Ray Kurzweil (The Age of Spiritual Machines)

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Dated: 1 July 2016

While you were away
Artificial intelligence: Friend or nemesis? :
In science fiction films such as Matrix, we have seen how futuristic devices will facilitate facial recognition, interpret human comments and perform complex language translations. Some of these devices are no longer in the realms of fantasy but have become real tools as a result of advances in science and social media
Racism and other biases in artificial intelligence algorithms :
According to some prominent voices in the tech world, artificial intelligence presents a looming existential threat to humanity: Warnings by luminaries like Mr Elon Musk and Professor Nick Bostrom about "the singularity" - when machines become smarter than humans - have attracted millions of dollars and spawned a multitude of conferences.
Beauty and the bot: Why artificial intelligence is the key to personalizing aesthetic products :
i. "In the future, I think we will always interact with robots, and it’s a good idea to know, will robots like us? What will they think about us?” she says. “Everything is becoming digital and robots are becoming so smart, we should also think about how robots perceive humans.”
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