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    Ameya Shanbhag
    Currently in my 3rd year of computer science I have developed interest in Artificial Intelligence and have written two international research paper (One on NLP and one on Augmented Reality) and I now intend to grow in Artificial Intelligence thus I want to work on a project to get a hands on experience.I even want to discuss few projects that I have in my mind and I think discussions and Brainstorming is the right way.

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    Niket Etambe
    An IT industry professional for over 15 years, presently, on a sabbatical for my research work. As a fresh research student, my chosen field is Evolutionary Computing.

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    Purva Raut
    I have done my masters in Computer Engineering in the year 2008 and working as Assistant Professor in the department of Information Technology in D J Sanghvi college of engineering, since 2006. I have thought subjects like Artificial Intelligence, Data Structures, Database management Systems, Programming languages C,C++, java. I have authored a book for the subject "Intelligent Systems" ,Sem VII, IT engineering, Mumbai University. I also have co-authored a book for the subject " Expert Systems design and applications" sem VII, Computer Engineering, Pune University. I have published multiple papers at International and national conferences and journals.

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    Manisha Divate
    Hello all, I have total 14 years of Teaching experience in UG, PG level.  Currently doing research in a domain of NLP.