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    Mohit Ahuja
    IIT Delhi grad with 10 years of work ex in machine learning + business consulting for the retail, telecom, and FS industries.

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    Pranaya Sharad Mhatre
    I am Pranaya Mhatre. I am doing B.Tech(I.T) from UMIT, SNDT women's university. I recently given final year examination. I am interested for doing project in AI. In my final year i did projects and some modules. I did programs for nueral network learning rules like Hebbian, Perceptron, Delta learning rule using python and did projects 'change detection system using machine learning' for this i used Backpropagation algorithm and 'Super-Resolving And Classifying Images Using Neural Nets' in this project i used Hopfield algorithm. I wanted to do more work inthis field.

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    Roshan Pande
    I am currently working as a R&D intern at Cere Labs where I am learning and studying Computer Vision systems. I am also studying about AI implications in the real world and how we can ensure that AI technology does not turn on us. I believe people from outside core IT industries should also be included in discussions regarding safe AI solutions.

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    Suneil Stanly
    Hello, I am looking to share and interact with folks on leveraging AI to find answers to business problems of Business Owners. I am based in Mumbai and currently work with handful of business owners to connect employee behaviours to Business productivity and growth. Hope to part of this community to explore the exciting world of AI.

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    Pavan R Shetty
    Currently, need a good project topic preferably related to AI or cloud for my BE final year project... Ready to spend time on research, & investigate , but what I need is some guidance.

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    Any i can make

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    Priyanka k Suryawanshi. Intersted area is Artificial Intelligence

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    Manikant Roy
    An aspiring Graduate (PhD)  student.

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    Alka Upadhyay
    I doing MSc IT from Patkar College . I am in Part 2 Sem 4 . I want to learn AI and have a carrier in this domain

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    Ameya Shanbhag
    Currently in my 3rd year of computer science I have developed interest in Artificial Intelligence and have written two international research paper (One on NLP and one on Augmented Reality) and I now intend to grow in Artificial Intelligence thus I want to work on a project to get a hands on experience.I even want to discuss few projects that I have in my mind and I think discussions and Brainstorming is the right way.

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    Niket Etambe
    An IT industry professional for over 15 years, presently, on a sabbatical for my research work. As a fresh research student, my chosen field is Evolutionary Computing.

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    Purva Raut
    I have done my masters in Computer Engineering in the year 2008 and working as Assistant Professor in the department of Information Technology in D J Sanghvi college of engineering, since 2006. I have thought subjects like Artificial Intelligence, Data Structures, Database management Systems, Programming languages C,C++, java. I have authored a book for the subject "Intelligent Systems" ,Sem VII, IT engineering, Mumbai University. I also have co-authored a book for the subject " Expert Systems design and applications" sem VII, Computer Engineering, Pune University. I have published multiple papers at International and national conferences and journals.