• Profile picture of Pratiksha Gondane

    Pratiksha Gondane
    I am Computer Engineer, passed out from Mumbai University. I have a working experience of 3+ years in IT industry.

  • Profile picture of Irfan

    A physician working in clinical research field leading team of medical reviewer, performing medical analysis, creating better platforms for medical review and analysis

  • Profile picture of Lalit Sharma

    Lalit Sharma
    We are Startup Based in Mumbai looking ahead to create our CORE FOUNDING TEAM and we are in hunt for Artificial Intelligence Expert, Will give Equity in our company.

  • Profile picture of Shantesh Digambar Hede

    Shantesh Digambar Hede
    Phd in Medical Devices Development with a focus on Sustainability and Design Thinking.

  • Profile picture of Nikhil

    More Intrested in coding,

  • Profile picture of Vincent Shagaya Mageshkumar

    Vincent Shagaya Mageshkumar
    Working on Design and development of Products that utilize AI (Inference) algorithm in Embedded products (FPGA and SoC).

  • Profile picture of viraj kundalik yadav

    viraj kundalik yadav
    past 6 months working on ai algorithms love to work on tensorflow

  • Profile picture of Abhishek Mathur

    Abhishek Mathur
    I am pursuing my B.E. in Information Technology (Final Year).

  • Profile picture of Ishita Kumar

    Ishita Kumar
    Having newly graduated from MPSTME, Mumbai, my  forte is in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. I have always found this field to be rather alluring. I have studied and carried out projects in the domains of Robotics, Network Security, Cyber security and Natural Language Processing.The blend of human ability with new-age technology has gifted us with the derivative of Artificial Intelligence which, with all my abilities and skills, want to contribute towards.  I stand out to be a self-motivated professional, capable of working independently or as part of a team. If given the opportunity, I pledge to work to the best of my ability for the progress of the given project and the Artificial Intelligence community as a whole.