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    Vincent Shagaya Mageshkumar
    Working on Design and development of Products that utilize AI (Inference) algorithm in Embedded products (FPGA and SoC).

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    viraj kundalik yadav
    past 6 months working on ai algorithms love to work on tensorflow

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    Abhishek Mathur
    I am pursuing my B.E. in Information Technology (Final Year).

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    Ishita Kumar
    Having newly graduated from MPSTME, Mumbai, my  forte is in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. I have always found this field to be rather alluring. I have studied and carried out projects in the domains of Robotics, Network Security, Cyber security and Natural Language Processing.The blend of human ability with new-age technology has gifted us with the derivative of Artificial Intelligence which, with all my abilities and skills, want to contribute towards.  I stand out to be a self-motivated professional, capable of working independently or as part of a team. If given the opportunity, I pledge to work to the best of my ability for the progress of the given project and the Artificial Intelligence community as a whole. 

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    Fairy Gandhi
    I am a computer science graduate, prior to my graduation I had been working for HCL Technologies for 4 years. I want to expand my career in Artificial Intelligence. Am looking forward to meet like minded people and work with them.

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    Hand of experiences in  .net development as well as healthcare domain knowledge . Now I need learn AI system to implement Health Care .

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    Yash Chavan
    A student actively learning ML and reading on AI. Interested in research and internship opportunities. LinkedIn: Instagram: Medium: