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The field of Artificial Intelligence today stands at the forefront of all research. It is an interdisciplinary field, in which many fields such as computer science, mathematics, statistics, psychology, linguistics, neuroscience and philosophy converge.

With the emergence of big data, there is a huge demand to analyse data without manual intervention. There are many startups and enterprises realizing the potential of Artificial Intelligence to make sense of data.

The Artificial Intelligence Mumbai (AIM) forum’s vision is to bring together people in Mumbai who are directly or indirectly involved in the field of Artificial Intelligence. A researcher, institution, academician and corporate professional working in the field of Artificial Intelligence or any of its interdisciplinary field can be part of this forum.

Following are the objectives of this forum

• To bring together people who are interested in the field of Artificial Intelligence.
• To discuss current problems faced in AI.
• To bridge the gap between academics and corporates.
• To help students get exciting projects and challenges.

AIM intends to achieve the above objectives through

• Monthly gatherings where AIM members will come together to discuss and share AI knowledge. Researchers and students will get a platform to present their AI research or projects.
• Industries will get a platform to showcase their projects. Interested researchers and students will get a chance to get associated with the industries.
• Online presence for academicians, researchers and students by displaying their profile on the forum.

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